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In 2006, I lost my dad. six years later my niece, and then in 2020, my mom. To say these events have been traumatic would be an understatement. I've always used music as an outlet, a lifesaver and ultimately, as a way to express myself. It is my hope that I continue to create music, and tell stories, from an open, vulnerable and empathic space that brings forth joy and healing, not only to an audience but to myself. 

And now for the Fun Facts portion of the website:

My name is Jean Ann, but
my friends, and baristas, 
call me JAG.

 Hearing people
chew drives me crazy and fruit should not be included in any dessert!

If I could live in another place & time, it would be Laurel Canyon, ca in the 1970s.

My favorite film is "Cinema Paradiso" and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I had an imaginary friend named Lalu, but she ran away from home years ago.

I had a
spiritual/out of body
experience singing
in a pub in dublin.

 I curse like a sailor when I drive (btw, stop signs are not optional).


I'm from long island proud, so I think I know every lyric to every Billy Joel song,
operative word think!

I love to travel, and had the opportunity to see the world touring with the NYC PLAYERS,
but there's no place like home.

My high school math teacher told me I was the next pat Benatar. (he went to high school with her.


I love both whiskey, and red wine.
But if I had to choose a cocktail, it would be a manhattan!

I've wanted to be a singer since I was 
3 years old, when I made my debut
on my uncle's coffee table
(that song was  Jingle Bells).


All photos by michael kushner

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