There're so many sides to each and every one of us. We're never just one thing. How many times have you been happy & sad in the same moment? 

How many times have you felt lonely in a crowded room?

I want to explore those complex emotions through stories. And there are so many to tell.  I hope to always find the MAGIC, JOY and MUSIC in each one I get the chance to be a part of.    

And now here's the Fun Facts portion of the website:


My name is

Jean Ann, but

my friends,

and baristas, 

call me JAG.


I had an imaginary friend named LaLu, but she ran away from home years ago.


 I curse like a sailor when I drive

(btw, stop signs are not optional).


 Hearing people

chew drives me crazy!


I had a

spiritual/out of body

experience singing

in a pub in dublin.


I'm strong island proud, so I think I know every lyric to every Billy Joel song,

operative word think!


I love to travel, and had the opportunity to see the world touring with the NYC PLAYERS,

but there's no place like home.


My high school math teacher told me I was the next pat Benatar.

(He went to high school with her.)


If I could live in another place & time, it would be Laurel Canyon, ca in the 1970s.


My favorite film is "Cinema Paradiso" and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME!


I love both whiskey,

and red wine.

But if I had to 

choose a 

cocktail, it 

would be a


All photos by michael kushner


I've wanted to be a

singer since I was 

3 years old, when

I made my debut

on my uncle's


table (that song was  Jingle Bells).