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"Composing Life": is a comedic mockumentary written and directed by Jean Ann Garrish, with original music, that explores not only the joy, but also the heartbreak, of being an artist in this day and age.


In this comedy, Marin and her friends, a group of thirty-something artists, fight for their dreams of fulfillment, no matter the cost. No victory, however small, is overlooked, as no wine remains uncorked. Their stories are documented by a brazen Scottish woman and her Russian cameraman, all traveling down the same bumpy road. 

Episode 1: What's With the Camera?

Janis introduces us to the subjects of her documentary. And the band's performance doesn't go exactly as planned.

Episode 2: There's Always TV, RIght?

Meet Sam, our resident writer. Yes, he may have a classic American novel in him, but does it pay the bills?

Episode 3: She's Everywhere.

Janis is starting to wear out her welcome, as Marin and her band, 'It Could Be Worse', rehearse for their upcoming gig. 

Episode 4: I CAn Make A Difference.

Siobhan believes her art can make a difference, but will that be the case during her big audition?

Episode 5: I'm Gonna Drink to That.

The tension between Janis and her artists finally reaches a breaking point.

Episode 6: Just In Time To Celebrate.

Marin finally finishes a song, as the rest of the gang have 'successes' as well. But will there be a happy ending?
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