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New single "free" dropping 12/2/22

"I Miss..." released 5/22/20



December 13,


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"I love your voice!"

"You should practice more!"

Jan Maxwell

Amelia Garrish

5 time Tony Award nominee and 2 time Drama Desk Award winner. 

My mom. She keeps me grounded. 

During the European Tour of "Neutral Hero", I became good friends with a couple of the totally amazing musicians, Andie Tanning Springer  and James Moore, in the show.  On our downtime, we had sing-a-longs in our hotel rooms, a lobby or two, and during, what we like to call, musical brunch.   From those "meetings", I was inspired to pick the ukulele and get back to writing music, and our band Red Wine + Whiskey was born.  Back in Brooklyn, we started working on songs, and with the brilliant touch of producer, engineer and musician, Brett Parnell of Bear in a Barn, our debut EP came to life.

Our "Composing Life" EP is now available for download on iTunes. 


Red wine + whiskey:

Solo Single:

Working with Red Wine + Whiskey has given me the confidence to begin writing songs for a solo project. Without the band, and producer Brett, encouraging me, I don't think I'd be brave enough to take the step to make art on my own. The first single is pretty much my life philosophy in musical form. I was inspired to write it during the contentious election cycle of 2016. I couldn't believe how ugly it all had become. I thought things would be different years later, but unfortunately, I was wrong. 

It's heartfelt, it's witty and it's available to own now for $.99!  ;)

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